Daily Leadership Lessons from My Dog

Leadership lessons abound around us, even in the most unlikely of places!

Take time to be kind, always. Effective leaders know that a little bit of kindness goes a long way. Leaders are always happy to welcome people who can offer ideas, help with a project, or provide a kind and encouraging word to others – and even though dogs cannot talk, wagging their tails or running in circles of excitement helps people know they are welcome.

Take a nap!   After the work is done, leaders frequently move onto the next project after a success has been completed.  We humans don’t always take time to rest and restore our energy; it’s back to the next big project!  Dogs, on the other hand, use a lot of energy playing hard for a period of time and then they relax and take a nap before they head toward the next successful play session.

Take a walk!  Exercise may be the most important thing you can do to keep a clear head. And while every dog knows a long walk is the perfect way to let off some steam, the successful leader recognizes that too. Moving your body gives your brain some time to process the day’s events, interactions and challenges, and will offer clarity and insight in a way you may not get otherwise.

Take time to daydream! How often have you noticed your dog staring out the window, seemingly at nothing? Chances are, he’s daydreaming! Letting your mind wander is the key to accessing creativity. Leaders who to mentally “clock out” from time to time are flexing their creative muscles, and will often discover solutions to critical problems. So go ahead! Do a little daydreaming!