Make Your Voice Heard

Many of us these days spend much of our business time communicating electronically, and in many cases, that works well.  What happens, however, when we have something a bit more important to say - - something that needs more to be impactful?  As we mentor, coach, advocate for causes or people, or simply want to supply a personal touch to a situation, we may need to up our game.  While what we have to say is extremely important, it also matters HOW we say WHAT we say. 

Here are five tips that can help you be heard in a positive way.

1)      Words make up 7% of our communication.  Choose yours carefully to gain the most impact.  Be clear in tone and enunciation.

2)      Non-verbal cues make up 55% of our communication.  What does your posture look like (what does it feel like?)?  When you stand or sit up straight, your diaphragm has a chance to do its work so your breathing is easier and your message is more powerful.

3)      Follow the Basic Speech Model –

What? >>>>>>  So What?  >>>>>>>>  Now What? 

State your case briefly, explain why it is important, and tell what you would like to have happen.

4)      Use the right words every time:  change “I feel” to “I think” (when appropriate), change “like” to “such as” (to keep from overusing the word like), avoid “do you know what I mean”.  In other words, listen to yourself as you speak so you don’t waste someone else’s time and your intent is clearly understood.

5)      Ask pertinent questions such as:

“what do you mean when you say …? “

“would you mind answering a question?”

 “what is the time frame for …?”,

“who else should I be talking to?” 


So, strictly speaking, our speaking, both verbally and non-verbally, needs to be done right.  How do you rate with your communication skills?