Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and Mentoring are often used interchangeably and yet, while complimentary, they are distinct. 

Coaching is directing an individual towards a specific end result.  The  process is usually determined by the coach. 

Mentoring is a facilitation, a philosophical process of discovery focused on the long term growth and personal development of an individual. The process is owned by the mentee. 

Sponsorship is a decision maker or person in authority who is actively championing you. 

There are times when the role of a coach and mentor are filled by the same person but that isn’t always the case.  An effective coach holds YOUR agenda, helping guide you to achieve what you determine as the best outcome.  An effective mentor shares THEIR wisdom having, ideally, already walked the path you’re trying to navigate.  Their knowledge can help prepare you for the next level in your company or identify areas requiring further development to be ready for the next level.  “Preparing for your next level”  however is not the same thing as sponsorship.  Often we see people in great mentor relationships who may be ready for the next level but are passed over because they lack a sponsor.  It’s important to know the different in coaching, mentoring and sponsorship. 

It is equally important to acknowledge that there are times when the needs go beyond coaching or mentoring and a qualified therapist should be engaged.  We recommend Julie Thomsen, LCSW. 

Don’t worry! No matter your needs,  LaunchPoint Leadership stands ready to walk with you as both Marj and Ronna-Renee are certified executive coaches and they have put their collective experience to work with you to train mentors to be more effective.

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Individual sessions that focus on personal and professional goals, personal development and professional skills. Single or package sessions available. 



Are you really mentoring or just meeting for coffee?  Are you a mentee that has a standing calendar appointment with your mentor and you can’t figure out a graceful way to get out of it?  Our mentor certification program takes individuals to the next level of their mentoring relationship, ensuring the mentee gets the best of you and gives mentees all the tools and skills you need so you and your company realize the benefits of an effective mentoring program. 

The Mentoring Certification Program

Have you been approached about being a mentor to someone? Or perhaps you want to become a mentor in order to give back, yet haven’t taken action, feeling you aren’t fully prepared to meet the challenge?

LaunchPoint Leadership has designed a comprehensive Mentoring Certification Program to successfully guide a mentor through the process of mentoring. Our program walks you through all the thought processes and steps required for successful mentoring, from the moment the decision is made to become a mentor until the mentoring relationship has been completed. In addition to the workbook exercises, you will also be provided support via one-on-one or small group coaching from certified business coaches experienced in the mentoring process. By the end of this course, you will be a confident, certified mentor, ready to take on the rewarding work of mentoring others. 

There are several options for The Mentoring Certification Program.