Leadership Development

You’ve probably heard the age old question, “are leaders born or made”?  It’s a question as old as which came first, the chicken or the egg?  To be or not to be?  Nature versus Nurture?” All of our research in to this topic leaves us with an answer that is as clear as mud!  We believe however, that there is a leader in everyone – your nature can be nurtured to amplify your capabilities!  At LaunchPoint Leadership, we work with individual and teams to refine innate skills as well as develop new ones. 

Emerging Leaders


Are you new to a team leadership role or interested in strengthening your individual leadership skills?  LaunchPoint Leadership can prepare you for all aspects of leadership including consensus building, conflict management and effective communications, to name just a few critical skills.  We offer:

  • Individual and Team Assessments: DiSC Communication Tool, StrengthsFinder, Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  • Group Training on topics such as Communication, Business Etiquette, Career Confidence and more. 
  • Individual Coaching

New and Established Leaders


Have you hit a wall in leading a team to achieve their highest potential?  There is a school of thought that implies that a team’s performance is a direct reflection of the leader’s skill.  LaunchPoint Leadership can guide you through the challenging journey of the “middle manager. ”

  • Training and Consulting on topics such as Culture, Change Management, Communication and more.
  • Assessment Tools such as 360° Assessment and DiSC Communication
  • Individual Coaching

C-Suite Executives


If you’ve attained this level of leadership within an organization, you didn’t get there by accident.  But in the “what have you done for me lately” culture that pervades companies of all sizes today, staying on top of your game is harder than ever.

  • Professional Coaching
  • Mentor/Mentee Training
  • 360° Assessment Tool

We are a Certified DiSC Communication Tool

Administrator and Facilitator.