The Mentoring Certification Program

Have you been approached about being a mentor to someone? Or perhaps you want to become a mentor in order to give back, yet haven’t taken action, feeling you aren’t fully prepared to meet the challenge?

LaunchPoint Leadership has designed a comprehensive Mentoring Certification Program to successfully guide a mentor through the process of mentoring. Our program walks you through all the thought processes and steps required for successful mentoring, from the moment the decision is made to become a mentor until the mentoring relationship has been completed. In addition to the workbook exercises, you will also be provided support via one-on-one or small group coaching from certified business coaches experienced in the mentoring process. By the end of this course, you will be a confident, certified mentor, ready to take on the rewarding work of mentoring others. 

There are several options for The Mentoring Certification Program. 

Stand-Up Training

Our staff will come to you! This comprehensive 2-day training includes 12 hours of in-person training at your location. Each participant will receive a copy of The Mentoring Certification Workbook and a Mentoring Toolkit.  At the conclusion of the 2-day training, each participant will receive a Mentoring Certification. With this option, your participants will be receiving mentoring training directly from the program designers. Stand-Up Mentoring Training is always customized to meet the needs of your organization. 

Click below to receive a customized program design for Stand-Up Training! 


The Mentoring Certification On-line Program

The Mentoring Certification On-line Program is an interactive program containing six training modules. Each module contains quizzes, checklists, case studies and multi-media content designed to provide a comprehensive training program. Depending on the individual, the program completion time is between four and six weeks.


Interactive program: $450.00


The Mentoring Certification Notebook

The Mentoring Certification Workbook is a 78-page book containing quizzes, checklists, graphics and case studies designed to provide a comprehensive training program. Depending on the individual, the program completion time, for this course of study, is between four and six weeks.

One-on-one communication with a program manager and completion of Case Study projects are required to receive final certification.

Three-Ring Binder Notebook: $195.00 (includes S & H)