Our Story

LaunchPoint Leadership was launched in 1990 under the organizational name of The Management Group.  The emphasis quickly changed from training managers to developing and strengthening leaders, so the name change followed that thinking.  The impetus for the change, however, wasn’t a “spur of the moment” decision.  As we researched a variety of industries and large non-profit organizations, the thing that seemed to be missing was strong leaders – people who had weathered some of the hard lessons necessary to become authentic, ethical, and effective leaders.


We went on the road to interview business leaders, political leaders, and entrepreneurs.  We read journals, we took classes, and we started applying our knowledge in our training, facilitation, and coaching.  We knew we were on to something important – we were on a mission.  We got certified on several assessments and we continued building our leadership tool box.  And then we were ready to share what we learned, what we had practiced – – and we’ve never looked back.

Next we got involved in the areas of coaching and mentoring.  We wrote, spoke, attended conferences, and developed materials that could help others learn and practice in these areas as well.

Our goal is to continue both our learning and our teaching in the fields of leadership and mentoring, and we are pleased to continue having the opportunity to work with a variety of clients that want to improve their personal skills and the bottom line of their organizations.

Marj Flemming

Marj Flemming is an entrepreneur, trainer, and personal coach for men and women looking for an edge in the fine art of leadership.  As a gifted communicator, Marj has a reputation for crafting practical strategies and action plans that make a difference whatever the environment.  Over her career, Marj has been recognized as a leader at General Electric, Tennessee Valley Authority, and as the owner of three businesses.

Marj is also a pioneer in the world of women’s leadership as a founding member and original director of the Women’s Leadership Institute in Chattanooga, TN.  She is a Certified Professional Coach and Mentor and serves on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations and as a trusted advisor to a variety of businesses, both large and small.

Marj Flemming

Ronna-Renee Jackson

Ronna-Renee is a seasoned business leader with experience in start-ups, small businesses and large scale enterprises. Her upbeat personality and positive communication style will have you striving to achieve more than you may have thought possible. Clients that she has coached for leadership development, as well as individuals and teams she has mentored, give her high praise for her ability to help them reach their goals.

As a world traveler, Ronna-Renee is comfortable working with diverse languages and cultures. She has a working knowledge of Spanish and has led teams spanning four continents. In addition, she has extensive volunteer endeavors including serving on several non-profit boards.

Stacey Nolan

Stacey is an educator and entrepreneur with experience in marketing, promotion, writing and direct instruction. Holding leadership roles in the artistic community over the past 10 years has aided in developing her unique approach of helping people gain a sense of ownership and belonging, while motivating and inspiring.

Bringing with her a diversity of experiences, Stacey is the behind-the-scenes navigator for Launchpoint Leadership, helping Marj to develop new and innovative ways for developing leaders and mentoring relationships. Her Bachelor’s in Public Relations and Master’s in Education provide a well-rounded foundation for developing effective strategies in business and beyond.

You can usually find Stacey in the LaunchPoint Leadership office, planning networking events, developing web and social media content, as well designing dynamic presentations for local professionals. She joined Launchpoint in August of 2015 and plans to continue in this engaging work as long as LaunchPoint will have her!