What IS coaching? 

Coaching is a professional relationship where the coach provides guidance, support and clarity for a client within their professional and personal roles. A coach uses their own experience in combination with proven coaching strategies to help a client determine and reach their goals. 


Well, that sounded very corporate didn’t it? …and there IS  a place for coaching in the corporate world but there is also a need for coaching to get you over a rough patch (think of your coach as a personal cheerleader!), or to help you identify where and how you can grow, or help you lay out a plan to grow into your authentic self.  All of these options are explored when Ronna-Renee works with you 1:1.

What are the benefits of coaching?

  • Improve leadership abilities and engagement.

  • Increase business performance and make a greater impact in your position.

  • Move forward in your career.

  • Build a more fulfilling and balanced life. 

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Ronna-Renee Jackson is a Certified Executive Coach through iPEC.